What is a Municipal Lien Search?

A Municipal Lien Search is research to discover unrecorded municipal liens, code
violations, special assessments, utility, and open or expired permit issues that are
associated with residential or commercial real estate. Prior to closing, these municipal
charges are the responsibility of the seller, however if they go unpaid, they can
become the responsibility of the buyer. 
Why Not Use a Title Search?
A title search will only uncover liens that have been filed in the Official Records index
with the local clerk of court. A Municipal Lien Search is a comprehensive analysis of
non-public records and require information to be obtained from the local municipalities
in order to determine if there are any outstanding liens, open permits, or code
violations. Furthermore, these items are not covered under an Owner's Title Policy. 
A Florida Municipal Lien Search includes a review of the following:
Unrecorded Municipal & County Debts
Code Enforcement Violations
Open & Expired Permits
Special Assessments
Water Utility Balances
Sewer Utility Balances
Solid Waste Utility Balances
Storm Water Utility Balances
Building Violations