Home Warranty versus Home Owner’s Insurance



A good question that can get easily overlooked is whether you should buy a home warranty if you already have home owner's insurance. After all, most home owner's insurance policies cover a number of situations, and you wouldn't want to spend your hard-earned money on the same thing twice.


The answer can be found within your home owner's policy. In general, most of the insurance companies cover losses that occur during disasters. House fires and windstorms are common occurrences where people are usually covered under an insurance policy. But what about if your washing machine breaks randomly, or how about if your air conditioner just stops one hot summer's day? You don't want to be stranded without these crucial amenities.


That's where your home warranty comes into play. It basically picks up where your insurance leaves off by covering the mechanical failure of both systems and appliances around your house. Investing in only one or the other is like only buying insurance for the right and not the left side of your car. No one can say for certain if your washing machine or the walls of your home will sustain damage – but on the occasion that it happens to be both, you want to be prepared. Some home warranty companies have deductibles as low as $50.00 per occurrence.


No one wants to go without home essentials. When budgeting for your home, be sure to not only include homeowner's insurance, but also your home warranty. This way, you'll be taken care of if something bad happens. It's all around peace of mind – something you can't put a price tag on. 


There are many different levels of home warranty available to you as a home owner. Different deductible levels as well as coverage levels. Be prepared, ask us today about how we can help get a home warranty for your new home.

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